About Me


My name is Jeremy…

…and I am by no means a great husband. I do however, know a number of men who are. It has been great to learn from them.

There are tons of blogs out there dedicated to helping wives love their husbands better, but few that look to help a husband do the same. Every Monday (to start off the week) and Thursday (to head into the weekend) I’ll give you a relatively small and easy idea that someone has shared with me about how to love our wives better…

…So wives, don’t ruin your husbands attempts to surprise you with showing love by reading this blog.

I know many men are busy and don’t have time to read much (or have no interest in reading) so I promise to keep these posts around 200 words.

And with each post, please leave a comment, tip, or idea on how us men can love our wives better.

Feel free to subscribe to this blog via email to get updates sent to you Monday and Thursday mornings.

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