Money Matters…

For better or for worse, money is a huge part of marriage.

Money can cause issues and magnify problems, or it can open the door to better live out the values of your marriage.

Check out this study by Ramsey Solutions on the way that money can effect marriage and the how people in healthy marriages handle money.

If you read through it you see that people who have healthy marriages commit to talking about money. This is huge, not because the money is that big of a deal but because they are working together in it!

Commit to getting on the same page financially with your spouse. Chances are that one of you in the marriage is a spender while the other is a saver, thats a good thing but can cause tension if you don’t communicate well.

I believe in a healthy marriage that one person should not just handle the finances without consulting the other one regularly. In my marriage I am the one who handles the budget and balances the accounts, but my wife and I talk weekly about our financial situation.

Committing to being on the same page can make all the difference in letting money work for you and not against you.

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