Free Up Time…

We all know that it’s extremely hard to find free time throughout the week, especially if you are juggling work and a family.

But having some time to ourselves is crucial for maintaining a healthy life and healthy marriage.

Whether your wife has a traditional job or is the one taking care of your kids and home during the day, she probably would enjoy some free time as well.

It is easy for us to fall into the mind-set of “I do x,y,z for our marriage/family” while thinking that the other is not pulling their full weight. In most cases that is a complete lie.

This weekend find a way to give your wife a few hours to herself. If you have kids, maybe take them out for breakfast on Saturday morning and let her relax at home. If your wife likes to get out of the house, tell her you’ll take care of everything at home while she spends a few hours out.

Her emotional health is directly linked to the health of your marriage, so be sure to care for that side of her as well!

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