Do Something Different…

Routine is a good thing in life and marriage, but we need to be sure we don’t fall into auto-pilot.

Most nights I come home from work a little after my wife does, we have dinner together and then sit and watch Netflix. It’s a nice little routine and honestly it’s enjoyable to just relax together.

At the same time too many of these days in a row can make us feel distant from each other. Even though we spent time together we didn’t really spend TIME together.

This weekend or sometime next week, do something small to break away from falling into auto-pilot. 

Maybe it’s something like:
-Playing cards or a board game together
-Sitting with a drink and just talking about life
-Going out somewhere (a lot easier if you don’t have kids)
-Going on a walk as a family

It doesn’t have to be something crazy, but throw something in there that will break up the routine and help you to continue to get to know and love each other in different ways.

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