Cut It…

The Oxford English Dictionary defines sarcasm as “a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark.”

Honestly I tend to be very sarcastic and I find sarcasm funny, especially in TV shows like The Office or Scrubs (my personal favorite).

The reality though is that sarcasm never leaves a situation better than when it came in, and it certainly doesn’t encourage anyone. I find that most of the time I am sarcastic is when I am trying to be funny or subtly “cut” someone else to defend myself.

That has no place in a marriage, and certainly has no place in trying to love my wife better. Sometimes when I am out with other people I hear couples (and sadly I participate in it) being sarcastic or passive aggressive to their spouse.

That accomplishes nothing except hurting our wives.

So what if we showed our wife love by trying to cut out the things that do the opposite? This week, let’s work to take sarcasm out of the way we talk to our wives. 

We might still mess it up, but that gives us a great chance to apologize. 

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