Dream On…

Remember when you and your wife were dating and had conversations about your dreams? 

Dreams of the future, as an individual, as a couple, dreams about what could be and what you wanted to accomplish.

*Insert cheesy quote about dreaming and chasing after dreams*

I don’t want to get to head in the clouds here about dreaming, but the reality is that in the midst of day-to-day life it is easy for us to stop dreaming with our wives.

It’s probably realistic that we don’t achieve all of our dreams, but there is something special about sharing dreams as a couple and dreaming together.

It can help us know each other better in a deep and meaningful way. It also can also be encouraging when we share together and validate each others dreams.

Sometime this week carve out a half hour of time with your wife to dream together and share those dreams. Maybe it’s before bed or over dinner, but use that time to get to know each other more personally and intimately through dreaming.

And validate her dreams, even if they seem unrealistic, don’t put a damper on them by saying “We’ll never have money for that, time for that, blah blah blah.” Instead, when she shares her dreams look her in the eyes and validate the dreamer.

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