Sometimes we need to set boundaries for things in our lives.

The first post I did on this blog was about how technology can be good for our marriage. I still believe that. I don’t think technology is the death of personal relationships, but it definitely has changed things.

Things such as awkward silences are now easily avoidable. The minute silence comes up, we can just pull out our phones, and we don’t have to face the uncomfortable-ness of the moment.

But sometimes uncomfortable silence is good. It is in those moments where we are provided an opportunity to build a deeper relationship with our wives.

It is in those moments where we might realize something we have overlooked, or talk to our wife about something we might not have before.

This week talk to your wife about setting up a designated “no phone” time (this includes computers or tablets). It might be for two hours each night before bed, but during that time have both of you put your phones away and unplug from everything and everyone else,

so that you can better plug in with one another.

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