Leave a Legacy…

Being a husband changed when I had kids. I didn’t think it would, but it did…

(Today’s post comes again from Jimmy Donaruma, Pastor at Crossbridge Community Church in South Jersey.)

Early on I began to realize there was always a set of little girls or boys eyes on me, watching every interaction I had with my wife. While at first it frustrated me because I feared making a mistake and ruining their future ideas of marriages, I grew to see this as an opportunity I’d never be able to create as they got older. 

So I made a mental commitment to set the bar high for my kids expectations for marriage and do my best to live up to them myself.

Instead of worrying about failing, I strategically apologize to my wife for mistakes in front of my kids. Then I give her a giant kiss that makes my kids cover their faces and pretend to vomit, all while watching through the gaps in their fingers with a smile. 

My hope is this sets the bar high for my kids future spouses… because the best gift I can give them is a high standard of what a husband really looks like. 

If you have kids, know they are watching. What are they seeing? Show them who to be and what to expect from a husband. 

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