First Things First…

Two words: Quality time.

Today’s post comes from Austin Holt who runs an online marriage growth and accountability group called Because Marriage Matters
. You can connect with him through various social media platforms via @AustinJHolt

“No matter what love language your bride loves to be loved by, she will always appreciate time that is quality, that is meaningful; that is

I show my bride my love through starting each day with quality connection, intentionality, priority and interest in what’s happening inside her heart and mind.

Every morning, we spend at least 30 minutes together, no matter the day is going to look like.

Before duties, before kids, before responsibility.

Just coffee, tea, and us.

We begin investing in this time together the night before; we go to bed early, so we can get up early. We watch less Netflix so we can connect about what actually matters the most. We read the Bible together, pray together, talk about what is going on our hearts together.

See, it’s easy to allow your marriage to become “utility”. Meaning, it’s easy to talk more about what you “have to do” than talk about each other, what’s exciting, what’s new, and the aliveness that’s being created between you two.

If you start each day with quality connection with your bride, that connection will impact the entire day.

The feminine loves connection. She loves when you seek her out. This helps us to trust you.

Give your bride the start of your day, before the craziness of life ensues.
Give her your best, brightest and most intentional love.”

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