More than a Wife…

Sometimes it’s pretty easy to forget that you and your wife are not only spouses, but best friends. 

Whether you’ve been together for a year or been together for ages, it’s a guarantee that you and your wife have some great memories together.

But those memories can easily get lost in the midst of work, family life, bills, car issues,  etc… and we can even forget that our wives are not just someone we passively go through life with, but our best friends.

Take some time today to think of one of your favorite memories with your wife,
Maybe it’s:

  • A time you adventured together
  • A hardship that you two turned into a success by working together
  • A time you two could not stop laughing

Whatever it is, think about that time and share it with your wife. Try saying something like:

“Remember when we (share the story), thinking about that reminds me of how you really are my best friend.” 

Not only will this remind your wife that you love her for who she is, but you will also remind yourself of the depth of your relationship.

In the comments below, or on the Intentional Husband Twitter/Instagram/Facebook (click the logo in the header of the page) share your favorite “best friend” memory of you and your wife.

Also, check back Wednesday for a special post & announcement!

4 thoughts on “More than a Wife…

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  1. I love this post. Being best friends with your partner is something I do believe in. My boyfriend and I are best friends and we do a lot of things together. We do need our own personal time which we do have but sharing those memories with him is what keeps us connected. Thank you for sharing

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