The #1 Do & Do Not For Husbands…

Apart from the obvious, there is one thing that us husbands should NEVER do. Similarly, there is one thing that we should ALWAYS do. 

These thoughts came up in a conversation with my buddy, Ian Gattuso at EverLast Solutions in South Jersey.

So what are they?

Without further ado…

NEVER talk bad about your wife in public.
It may be tempting to vent or make jokes about our wives and our marriage issues when we are with other people. All that does is hurt her (even if she is not around), undermine our marriage, breed contempt, and make us look like jerks.

At times we might need to share the hard parts of marriage and our struggles with a male friend. I think we would all agree that this is fine, as long as it is in the hopes of bettering ourselves and our marriage.

But there is something honorable about husbands who never speak badly about their wife.

ALWAYS brag about your wife.
Share with people what you love about her, remind yourself how awesome she is, heck, brag about her to her face!

Too often as a person and a husband I get caught up in the negative. What has that ever done for me or my wife?

We married amazing women. Let’s let the world know. More importantly, let’s let her know.

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