Win the Day…

I’m no wife, but I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that your wife appreciates any reminder that you are thinking of her…

This small and easy idea has come up time and time again in my conversations with husbands. Most recently it popped up in my chat with, Jimmy Donaruma, Pastor at Crossbridge CC in NJ. He calls it “winning the day.”

How many times a week do you stop at a convenience store, gas station, or grocery store? Probably quite a few.

It wouldn’t take a whole lot of time to run into one of these places and pick our wives up something small that they like:

  • $7 flower arrangements from a grocery store
  • Candy bar or ice-cream
  • Coffee

On one of your stops this week, pick your wife up something she enjoys.

Doesn’t cost a lot. Doesn’t take a lot of time, but you win the day by showing her love and saying “I was getting gas on my way home from work and still was thinking of you.” When she looks at those flowers, or drinks the coffee, she’ll be reminded that you love her, and that’s a win.

For my wife it’s a drink called Kombucha, so I’m going to stop and pick it up. What does your wife enjoy?

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