I asked Bob Goff…

What does author, self-proclaimed “recovering lawyer,” and honorary consul to Uganda, Bob Goff do to intentionally show his wife love?

If you’ve ever read his book, Love Does or Everybody Always, it is pretty clear that he is dedicated to his wife and family. Since he is fairly easy to get a hold of, I reached out to him and he shared with me:

“I sing to her every morning! And I can’t sing!”

You might be like me and think “If I did that, it would make my wife feel anything but loved.”

However, it does raise the question: “What is something I can do to show my wife love that is outside of my comfort zone?” 

Maybe it is:

  • Going on a run/walk with her
  • If she likes to read, grab a book, sit with her and read together
  • Watching a movie/tv show that she likes, and engaging with it.

Today, take a moment to think about a way that you can step outside of your comfort zone and show your wife love, then DO IT.

When in doubt, there is always getting a face-mask or pedicure together!

Leave a comment, share your idea and help the rest of us out.

To connect with Bob Goff check out: http://www.bobgoff.com
Image taken from: https://www.typologypodcast.com/podcast/2017/07/13/episode2/bobmariagoff

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