Acknowledge The “Expected”

Some things just come to be expected…

There are some tasks that my wife leads or takes on; such as keeping us on the same page with our schedules or cooking dinner.

There are some tasks that I lead or take on; such as our budget spreadsheet or the dishes after dinner.

A few weeks ago a co-worker thanked me for doing something that I typically do and is in fact part of my job. Regardless of the expectation, it still felt really good to have someone acknowledge and thank me for how I contribute.

Chances are that our wives do A LOT to contribute to our marriage and families, chances are even greater that in the busyness of life we don’t acknowledge them enough.

This week over dinner or before bed, thank your wife for one or two tasks she does that have become “expected.”  Don’t just say “thanks for doing x, y & z” but try something like “thanks for doing x, y & z for our family, I appreciate it and it makes me feel _________, I know I don’t thank you enough for it.”

Because the truth is our wives don’t have to do those things…they are just selfless enough to.

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5 thoughts on “Acknowledge The “Expected”

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  1. This is quite thoughtful and true. I really appreciate this, and the whole premise of this blog. Thank you so much for sharing and for encouraging other husbands to be as thoughtful!


  2. As I stand on the threshold of 60, I can say that this post is spot on. Acknowledging appreciation of all the little things done by the other person goes a long, long way in validating the entire relationship. Thanks for putting this out there so more people can see the importance of appreciation in all aspects of life.

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