Like the good ole’ days…

I know, I know, we are tough manly men…

But remember when you and your wife were first dating and you held hands? Boy, was that crazy…

Rather than a husband sharing this idea with me, this is something I witnessed and still sticks out in my memory.

Years ago I was at a conference with a group of people. During one of the general sessions I “caught” my friends Phil & Emily holding hands. Here is the kicker…THEY HAD BEEN MARRIED FOR OVER 10 YEARS!

I remember being surprised that a long-time married couple would still hold hands. It was actually awesome to see.

Sometime this weekend; a car ride, on the couch, walking somewhere, at dinner with friends… hold your wife’s hand like you did when you were first dating.

Small things like this seem to be less important as time goes on in marriage. However, they can be easy reminders to your wife that you are just as into her (and more) as you were back then.

And when you take her hand, even if you aren’t “feeling like it”, check out the feelings that follow, and let us know how it goes.

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