Technology can be good for marriage…

Rarely does anyone get an email that leaves them feeling WOW. Let’s change that.

I don’t remember who gave me this idea a while back, but it’s simple and meaningful.

Send your wife an email sometime in the middle of the day, when you are “supposed to be” busy thinking about everything but her. Let her know how grateful you are for her & give a few reasons why (go big here and hit more than 200 words).

If you want to have some fun with it, make the subject line look as though you are forwarding her something not cool to read, such as “Fwd: Your Energy Bill is Past Due.”

Be yourself with this email, but get creative. Leave a comment and let me know how you put your own twist on it.

Also, just a reminder that if you want to get these posts easily emailed to you Monday and Thursday morning, subscribe via email on the blog page and confirm the email sent to you!


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